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These courses are open to everyone.
Course Date Length Cost* Oxford
Digital images: Photoshop introduction (Mac) Thu 04 Nov 09:15 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire
Digital images: Photoshop correcting and improving images (Mac) Thu 18 Nov 09:15 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire
Dreamweaver: Introduction (Mac) Wed 03 Nov 09:15 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire
Dreamweaver: Styling and Positioning using CSS (Mac) Wed 17 Nov 09:15 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire
Dreamweaver: Managing your site and content (Mac) Wed 24 Nov 09:15 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire
InDesign: Introduction (Mac) Thu 04 Nov 14:00 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire
InDesign: Creating professional documents (Mac) Thu 02 Dec 14:00 3 hrs £6 Book Enquire

Film Making Diploma

Film Making Diploma - Overview

The course content and structure encourage students to learn the theoretical background to the topics covered and to apply this, creatively, to the production process. Individual practical time and experimentation is an essential component of the course. Students benefit from regular industry guest lectures in addition to the core curriculum. Successful completion of the diploma level gives graduates the possibility to continue their studies towards a Bachelor of Arts/Science (Honours) Digital Film Making.


Students will have a broad, yet focused, understanding and skill-set in all of the main areas related to film production and post production. The course ensures that students will have the necessary skills to continue developing and adapting to the changes in this fast paced industry. Essential skills and techniques are taught in a creative atmosphere with a strong emphasis on the practical application of design and theoretical concepts.

Oxford Academy Documentary Film

Upcoming Courses at Oxford University Computing Services
Introduction to Digital filmmaking (Open to All)
These workshops, run by the Oxford Academy of Documentary Film, are aimed at preparing you to use digital film in your research or project. Each workshop provides a generic understanding of digital filmmaking. The workshops are taught by expert tutors who have made films professionally and for research purposes. There is a strong emphasis on practical film production techniques.
Taught with: Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) Frequency: This course runs subject to demand.
Next Course:
Introduction to Digital Filmmaking
Dates: 13-15 December 2010
Time: 9am-5pm, Mon-Friday
Location: Oxford University Computing Services, 13 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 6NN

Research Purposes
Ethical Agendas
Write a film proposal
Learn the business of film-making
Hands-on Camera skills
On-location shooting in London
Sound techniques
To apply for these workshops at Oxford University and for further information, please contact:

Apple Centre Administration
Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Rd
Tel: 01865 273200 (option 2)
Fax: 01865 273275

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