77 Requiem Video
Director: Kathy Hill
Camera: Kathy Hill
Music composed by: Patrick Wilson
Sung by: Renata Jonscher
Choir: Neil Jenkins Chorale
Editors: Patrick Wilson, Kathy Hill
Heartfelt thanks to: The people of Russell Square, Transport for London, The Emergency Services
Dedicated to: All those affected by the London Bombings
©SoulStar Films International 2006 & Patrick Wilson Music 2006
Director Kathy Hill submitted this film for screening at the Bloomsbury Festival Film Competition

It was deemed unworthy to be entered in the competition for these rather puzzling reasons expressed by a representative of the Renoir Cinema:
"We felt that 07/07 Requiem seemed unfinished. It had a shot of the tube station, a shot of people putting flowers on the ground and then it went on a loop, back to the first shot - it looked like the first minutes of a longer piece. Perhaps if you include more shots with other angles or images, or some text, something to give the film some content then it could work. The music is quite beautiful and it is important that you deal with the tragedy that happened in the area not long ago, but it should be longer/have more content."
It turned out that the reviewer had inserted the DVD and mistaken the menu that came up for the actual film. They added (wrongly) "it was a faulty DVD" and "there is no blame to be taken by the festival" We complained about this but they never retracted their comments and the film was not screened.
We felt very sorry that no-one got to see the movie at the festival, so feel free to watch the movie for yourself and send us a comment in our guestbook!

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