Litterbug - film proposal - comments welcome

Title: Litterbug

Genre type: Thriller/Suspense/Horror

Point: Evaluation/self-questioning of attitudes towards public

- Fish + Chip shop on Iffley Rd (establishing shot);
- Footpath between Iffley and Cowley Rds (story development);
- Florence Park (concluding shots);

1. Council worker/Refuse Collector (main character);
- he thought he could innocently enjoy some fish + chips or his day
off. Can he? What are the consequences? Did he actually eat them, or
was it a dream?

2. Mysterious stranger
- man in black/exorcist type figure; wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses
+facemask - maintain mysterious/anonymous identity; with a steel-
tipped umbrella; shoes producing a threatening tread.

3. Man sitting on a park bench
- witness to the council worker waking from his nightmare.

Mysterious mans - distinctive clothing to create an Exocist like
Council workers dark jacket (voluntary), Rubbish grabber + Rubbish
Fish and Chips/Soft drinks/Plenty of fast food wrappings (in bags);
Newspaper  - for man on bench;

Rationale behind project/proposal:
1. Short film (duration: 3/4 mins) can be make in a day;
2. Actor roles appropriate for a male-dominated film grounp;
3. Plenty of opportunities for a variety of camera angles; sound work;
lighting work; post-production editing
4. No expensive props or special permission locations(with possible
exception of the park + fish+chip shop) required;
5. All location shots within walking distance of Catherine St. - easy
to get back to OVFM to do editing work


1. Council worker leaves Iffley Road chip shop eating his lunch -
relaxed mood; nonchalantly walking towards Donnington Bridge Rd camera
sees him walking past mysterious stranger standing in the background;
council worker looks right through him as if he didn't see him

2. Iffley Rd

On a couple of occasions council worker nonchalantly drops litter
(chip paper + coke can);
Extreme close ups - dropped litter
He walks on;
Extreme close ups - an umbrella tip seen fondling the rubbish;
Close up shot of council worker - you hear in the distance menacing
tread of the mysterious stranger;
Medium close up shot - Council worker looking round;
Distance shot of Iffley Rd - nobody in sight + silent;
Council worker walks up to Cowley Rd footpath -The sound reappears and
gets louder;
Scene finishes with medium close up of mysterious stranger's feet,
lower legs + umbrella coming into shot and stopping by the footpath

3. Iffley Rd/Cowley Rd footpath

Medium/long range shot - Council worker is walking down the footpath;
Sound of footsteps is louder behind him;
Range of close up shots show him getting more apprehensive, increasing
his step, looking round more frequently;
Close up shots of Mystery man's legs+feet marching quicker and quicker
(tread getting louder and louder);
Scene ends with medium/long shot of Council worker starting to run
down footpath;  Interspersed with Extreme Long Shots of the the clear

4. On footpath (Cowley Rd exit)

Council worker approached Cowley Rd exit - panting after running -
looking round (Extreme Close Up)- clear footpath (Medium Long Shot) -
thinks he's safe
Medium shot - approach gate - head on shot - suddenly Extreme Close Up
shot of him startled;
Medium shot (over Council man's shoulder) of mystery man blocking exit
to Cowley Rd.

5.On footpath (away fron cowley Rd exit)

Council Worker seen turning round and running back down footbath;
Close up - mystery man's leg+feet start to march (measured tread)
towards Council worker;
Medium long shot - council worker is turning in all directions;
close up - extreme anxiety on council worker's face;

6. Florence Park entrance

Council worker takes only escape route towards down entrance towards
Florence Park (more brightly lit than other directions);
Council worker stops suddently;
Medium Long Shot shows council worker in the foreground and mystery
stranger in the distance blocking passageway to the park (lighting -
the scene gets darker to match council worker's mood)
Close up shots of council worker Looking round suddenly interspersed
with shots of mystery stranger in every direction - Council Worker is
Council Worker shouts (in trepidation): 'who are you?';
No reply;
Council Worker shouts:'Leave me alone!';
The council worker is frozen to the spot (sound: threatening music to
increase tension); Medium/close up 'council man point of view' shots
of mysterious stranger closing in from every direction,
The mysterious stranger stops holds up the Fish +Chip shop plastic bag
- with is the discarded rubbish;
Council worker turns round - close up of the mysterious stranger on
the other side seen raises his umbrella (shapes like a spear/club)
above his head to strike council worker
Scene ends with close of 'point of view' shot of umbrella descending
towards counciol worker.

7. Florence Park Bench

(Council worker and Man on bench reading his newspaper)
Council Worker wakes up screaming 'NOOOOO!';
Teh two strangers Look in embarrassment at each other and giggle;
Council worker realises he has had a nightmare during his lunch break
+ apologises to stranger;
Stranger asks if council worker is alright;
Council worker rubs his eyes, looks around, and apologises;
Council worker picks up his rubbish bad and rubbish grabber + prepares
to start work;

8. Around Florence Park

Council worker is seen working picking up rubbish around the park and
putting it in the bins - he looks relaxed;
Medium close up - council worker says to himself: 'This rubbish is
starting to play on my mind!'
Scene finshes

9. Closing Scene - Near the entrance/exit gates (Florence Park)

Council worker (relaxed humming/whistling) seen packing away tools and
preparing to go home;
Council worker disappears from shot as he leaves park;
Camera zooms out and the mystery stranger comes into shot 9into
mysterious stranger Stops;
Film ends with mystery stranger walking towards the gate the council
worker has just exited through;
Scene finishes: As mystery stranger disappaears black screen appears
for closing credits (sound:  footsteps can still be heard walking into
the distance).

10. Film Credits (on top of black screen/film noir affect)

- Actors/production crews' names appear - 'one by one' white text on
black background
- Final Credit 'no rubbish was dropped during the making of this
- All credits disappear - shot of a litter scatter around the park/
blown across the frame to the sound of the mysterious stranger's



Additional shots required:

Medium shot - Sign above Fish+chip shop (scene 1);
Medium Close Up - Council worker eating his fish and chips (scene
Extreme Close Up - various rubbish shots; rubbish being poked by
unbrella tip (scenes 233)
Extreme Close Up- Mysterious stranger's sun glasses with image of
Council worker in them as he closes in for the attack (scene 3-6)
Extreme Close Up expressional shots of Council Worker; (scenes 4-6)
Close ups of Mysterious stranger from front + behind, butnever
revealing face or identity (various scenes);
Medium Close Up of mysterious mans shoes as he is walking (after
council worker) - scenes 3-6

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